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Caravan in the Desert

55+ Mobile Homes with no land included

No land mobile homes are not sold by realtors. They are sold by dealerships like cars but for mobile homes.

Mobile Homes without land are usually sold as-is with no contingencies.

Mobile home without land their titles are transferred through the DMV just like cars.

Pay a monthly lot rent fee to owner of park called a land lease.

Mobile Homes without land can have inspections usually 4 points only for insurance purposes due to most won't pass regular inspections.

They are called mobile homes but are more classified as trailers, it can be confusing because they are classified more as cars and sold like cars.

Its hard to get financing for mobile homes without land, there are only a few companies that will lend.

I work for a company and can sell mobile homes without land with
Ryder Resales and Repos

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